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Smart Home Garden

Weather live response

Scheduled automatic garden watering turns out to be an extremely convenient solution. In case the weather becomes unpredictable, it is worth equipping the flowerbeds with humidity sensors. Prevent unnecessary plant flooding and water consumption by a simple information about the optimally hydrated soil form the sensors.

Image by mits hak
Image by YingChu Chen

Magical evening

Wandering around the garden in the evening, especially if it’s a big space we don’t need to turn on the lights in the entire garden. When Motion Sensor detects motion, the light switches on in the places where there are people. Thanks to that solution you can admire your garden after dark and don’t worry about your lighting bills.

Garden surveillance

Significant garden area is hard to maintain and is often being trespassed by intruders. Monitoring distant corners of the property synchronized with the alarm system will allow us to sleep peacefully and make sure that the garden is also a secure part our fortress.



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