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Smart Aquaculture

What We Offer


Worksaat Smart Solutions, we offer our farmers to convert their field into smart agriculture using IoT technology so that they can operate and control the water pumps from everywhere with a single tap on their phone. Interestingly our solution comes with the use of no internet.

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We provide fish man and the mariculture farmers better control over their farms and aqua cultivation with the power of IoT technology, which results in complete control over their harvests, ensuring high yield and even higher profits.


The centralized smart motor control panel is the control center of all the motor hardware in the farm. Here are its features:

  • Control of individual motors in the farm, regardless of the number of motors involved.

  • Supports upto 15HP 3 phase motor.

  • Control of motors in groups of 4 at a time.

  • An attached buzzer that alerts the farmer through a siren when main power supply is cut off to the farm. Also, each motor in the farm is connected to a  Smart motor panel. The panel has a built-in contractor box that enables quick and easy installation. It is designed to protect the motor from dry-run, overload, phase reversal, and phase failure.

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