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Automatic Water Level Controller


Worksaat Fully automatic water level controller is suitable for Single Phase and 3Phase both Monoblock& Submersible pumps (Borewell Type) up to 15Hp with any type of starter . It requires no manpower to operate as it switches ON the motor when tank level is low and automatically switches it Off when the tank is full. It is a very useful product for your daily life as it saves your time, water and electricity. After installing this water tank controller, you will feel relaxed as there is no need to bother about turning ON and OFF the motor.

This water level controller is a must have gadget for all those who are fed up of wasting time on turning On and off of motor and handling brawls with neighbors over daily spilling of water.



  • Water level indication

  • Automatic ON and OFF

  • High and low voltage protection

  • Dry Run protection

  • No manpower required at all

  • Never wait in washroom for tank to fill

  • Saves Water, Time and Electricity


  • 4 level Overhead Tank Indication

  • 3 Level Sump Indication

  • Water Flow Indicators

  • Voltage Display

  • Low Voltage Protection

  • High Voltage Protection

  • Dry Run Protection

  • Need Button

  • Tank Empty Indicator

  • Voltage Error Indication

  • User Adjustable Dry Run Trip Time

  • User Adjustable Motor ON level

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