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Smart Hotels


Check In

As soon as the guest checks-in, they would receive a link via SMS and email. The link gives the access to smart guest room.

smart hotels

Smart Guest Room

Guest can control all the appliances in smart guest room using webapp from the link. They can change channels using voice or set mood by playing pre defined scenes and much more.


Smart Hotel Services

Provide Hotel services to your guest using the webapp. They can book slots, access promotions offered by Hotel and also give feedback.



Impressed by the smart hotel, the guests would want to leave a five star feedback. The webapp access will be revoked as soon as they checkout.


Smart Hotel Services !

Provide access to all the Hotel Services in the same webapp. Customers can easily request Hotel Services in one tap.


View the restaurant(s) (in hotel) menu, checkout daily specials and Place Orders.


Schedule laundry, housekeeping and other services at customers’ convenient timings.


View promotions for different services with discounts, offers, coupons etc.

Tour Guide

Checkout nearby tourist attractions, ATMs, etc., using webapp.


Customer feedback is enabled everytime a requested service is fulfilled

Smart Guest Room

Smart Hotel for Smart Traveler

No App Installation

Smart room access is granted to the guest with an elegant guest webapp that can be opened with an SMS or an email link sent during check-In. No need to download any app from the Play store or App store.


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Control Everything

Turn on/off any switch or plug in the room with just a tap on the webapp. Control all IR appliances in the room such as TV, AC and Set-Top box and also get comprehensive entertainment guide.

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Voice Control

Control all the appliances in the smart room, change channels, setup scenes and do much more with your voice. Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


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Web App

Everything in One Web App.

Switches Tab

All smart switches and plugs switches in the room can be operated from this tab.


Make your Hotel smart now!

Impress your guests like never before

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