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Trending smart device of 2021

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

In recent years, we have seen how IoT has developed rapidly while providing customers with devices that help them eliminate the daily mundane chores from their task list. Especially during the pandemic (in the year 2020), we saw how IoT devices provided contactless operations and automated the production process.

The pandemic helped everyone realize the benefits of IoT products & solutions and the importance of contactless operations. With a new beginning, let’s have a look at the smart devices that are a must for the year 2021!

Here is a list of products that you might want to install before you hit the summer season:

1.Smart Lighting or Mood Lighting:

Lights are the most commonly consumed products as every household, or commercial property cannot run without proper lighting. And with the increase in smart home and office projects within the Realty industry, lights’ consumption will skyrocket.

Even if you feel like you don’t need a smart light right now, you will think otherwise as the year 2021 goes by.

With an IoT enabled smart light system, you can operate the light with your smartphone, control the dimming and create workflows, schedules and scenes. There are various types of smart lights such as panel lights, profile lights and RGBW Lights available in the market, and some LED drivers are also embedded with smart chip to provide automation features.

2. Smart Switches:

Every household and office has various appliances and switches, and it would be easier to automate the appliance and control it with a smartphone rather than controlling it manually. With smart switches, you can handle any appliance or switch anytime, anywhere, without any hassle.

There are two types of smart switches present in the market. A smart retrofit switch is a box-like device installed within the switchboard to automate the switches. And a smart touch switch is a device with high sensitivity and touch capabilities that automates appliances while replacing the pre-existing manual switches. We are in an era where smart switches are necessary; whether you opt for retrofit or touch switches, you can explore endless possibilities of IoT with the smart device.

3.Smart Security:

Smart Security does not just refer to one product; it is a group of smart products that provide smart security to the user. It is a combination of a Smart Doorbell, Smart Lock and motion sensor that helps in creating the ultimate security system for the user with 24/7 real-time monitoring. Whether you are travelling or are leaving kids home alone, you will be able to monitor your house or office with just one click on your smartphone.

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