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  • Features

    • In built surge protector to protect your appliances from both high and low voltages.
    • We need no modification on the existing wiring set-up. Our products can be installed keeping the existing switches and wiring intact.
    • Programmable in 3 ways *Manual Switch, *Smart Switch, *Sensor Strip.
    • Easy to install - takes maximum 15 minutes to Complete.
    • Easy configuration – takes less than a minute.
    • Inbuilt IR remote with 360 coverage.
    • Inbuilt Temperature sensor helps automate the device based on weather.
    • Our 4 Switch Controller allows to install the external sensor through USB port.
    • Integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to provide voice control over appliances.
    • Can communicate over Wi-Fi and works with/without internet.


    Appliances you can control

    • Access External sensor - Motion, Gas Leakage, Humidity, Dust sensor.
    • Create Scenes, schedule work flow.
    • Home Interiors - Lights', Fan's
    • TheatreProjector
    • TV Set-Top Box
    • Television
    • AC

    4 Switch Controller Module

    • 4 Switch Controller

      Unique 4 switch controller is used to control the House hold appliances along with creating the scenes and also product offers inbuilt temperature sensor.
      It has inbuild spike and surge protection circuit which helps in protecting not only the appliances and also the controller. It can be placed anywhere in the room to control appliances and no wiring modification is required. The Controller comes with In-built Voice assistance system to allow control it over our voice either.

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