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  • Features

    • Ambient brightness : LED reaches full brightness instantly, with no flicker or warm-up.
    • Associate with scenes, combine other smart devices in your home to create stunning lighting effects. and create ambient Wedding scenes, Party scene etc
    • Operate your Colors bulbs with your voice. Simply ask your Alexaor Google assistant to switch them on or off. Or to turn on your favorite mood setting.
    • In built surge protector to protect your appliances from both high and low voltages.
    • We need no modification on the existing wiring set-up. Our products can be installed keeping the existing switches and wiring intact.

    RGB Controller

    • RGB Controller

      Set the best ambience for your room. Relaxed, dazzling, peppy. However you like it. Give your rooms the best makeover possible. Make your life more vibrant with Colors LED Strip. Multi-color LED light strip that glows in any color. The Controller comes with In-built Voice assistance system so we can control it over our voice either.

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